our mission

Tony’s Chocolonely was founded in 2005 by journalists who discovered that chocolate manufacturers use cocoa beans from forced child labor and slave work from farms in Ghana & Ivory Coast.

Tony’s Chocolonely wants to make all chocolate 100% slave free. Not just our chocolate, but all chocolate worldwide.

 Not exactly the average company, right? Tony’s Chocolonely wants to create awareness of the choco industry inequality,  and set the example that chocolate can and should be made differently.

our values

Only with a strong team we can reach our mission. We established four core values we believe define us: we are outspoken, willfull, enterpreneurial, and we make you smile!

We don’t shy away from being critical of ourselves and the chocolate industry. We dare to reach for the stars, pushing limits and breaking barriers to get things done.

We believe in taking the freedom to do things differently; that’s what makes us original and disruptive. We love what we do and keep laughing. Having fun keeps us energized to move mountains of chocolate.

We are crazy about chocolate and serious about people.. and we want all people to be safe and healthy! We love to meet our new Tony’s in person to get to know each other with a cup of hot choco, but that’s unfortunately not possible at the moment. That's why we have made the difficult decision to put all our job openings on hold till at least the 1st of June. Please keep an eye on our careers page to get the latest information about our job opportunities.